zero clearance fireplace in basement remodel
home remodeling in Ridgewood
panel molding and trim with hardwood floors

We've heard that finding and selecting a reliable home improvement contractor can be difficult for a variety of reasons. There's no reason it should become a complicated process so here are 10 reasons you can feel confident in us

  1. We are established, licensed and fully insured.
  2. We provide extremely detailed proposals addressing every aspect of your project.
  3. We are good communicators in writing and verbally. You will understand what we are saying.
  4. We make promises and follow through on them.
  5. The owner is hands-on, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.
  6. We are professionals with neat and clean vehicles, equipment & personal appearances.
  7. We are reliable and respect your schedule by showing up on time.
  8. We respect your personal space and try to be as unintrusive as possible while working.
  9. We maintain clean job sites.
  10. We love what we do and it shows in our work.
10 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Contractor