PHASE I: Ideas, Budgets, Estimates, and Solutions

The initial consultation consists of meeting at the client's home to discuss project feasibility, design concerns, ideas, and budgeting. Our first step is listening to your needs, desires and budget. We listen carefully and interpret your needs and desires into solutions that are creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We also advise you on how to best control costs without sacrificing project integrity.

PHASE II: Drawings and Permits

After coordinating the ideas, it's off to the drawing board. We use computer assisted design (CAD) when possible and CAD renderings when necessary to put all the ideas on paper so you can see your project and how it will complement your home. We also create detailed technical drawings that will be submitted your municipal buidling department for permit application.

PHASE III: Construction and Remodeling

Once proper permits and approvals are obtained, we bring in our equipment and get to work. You will know everyone working on your project and you will be treated with courtesy and respect throughout the duration of the job. While we do all we can to minimize any negative effects to your yard, home or daily routine, the area starts to look like a construction project and we're there making noise, usually from 8:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m. We clean the work area daily to keep your home as neat as can be expected during construction.

PHASE IV: Inspections and the Final Touches

As we near completion, our equipment disappears, official inspections are made, extra materials and debris are removed, your project is cleaned and we will ask for the most important inspection of all, yours. This is the part we really enjoy, because it is the time we get to see the happy and excited eyes of another satisfied customer. As we request final payment, we will be happy to offer tips on caring for your new project.

PHASE V: Follow-up

Within a few days, we will be contacting you to see how everything is going after you have had time to live with your completed project. If anything was missed at the final inspection we can quickly address it. After 30 days you will be contacted again. Time has shown us that 98% of all issues are going to surface within the first 30 days of completion so it only makes sense for us to see how things are going after this critical period so we can make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our Process